Campion 1920 4hp 500 cc 1 cyl sv



Campion   ca. 1920  3 ½ HP  JAP   side valve single frame# 13184  engine# 22135/1912


The campion Cycle Co.  was a well known bicycle manufacturer.
The factory was located at Robin Hood Street, Nottingham.
When they started motorcycle production, a variety of proprietary engines were used, such as Minerva, MMC, Fafnir, Precision, Villiers, Blackburne and JAP. 
In the early twenties some 5 different models were made, from a 2 ½ HP lightweight single to a big 8 HP twin. 
Production ended in 1926.  
Apparently preserved in highly original condition, this early vintage Campion is powered by a 500cc JAP sidevalve engine  and equipped with Brown & Barlow carburettor, Thomson Bennett magneto and Druid forks. 
The gearbox is a Sturmey-Archer unit and final drive is by belt. 
The registration mark is part of a series issued in Nottinghamshire between January 1904 and May 1921. 
The machine was purchased approximately 15 years ago from the remaining dependant of the family that manufactured Campions in Nottingham, and has not been touched since.