Clément 1902ca 1 ¾ HP 143cc 1 cyl AIV 3401



Clément 1902ca 1 ¾ HP 143 cc Autocyclette frame # 89774 engine # LM 1538

Clément is one of the true French motorcycle pioneers and this particular model was produced around 1902. the engine has an automatic intake valve and an overhead exhaust valve. The big outside flywheel acts as a pulley for the direct twisted leather belt transmission to the rear wheel. The seat tube is fitted with an adjustable belt tensioner. A spray carburettor takes care of the correct mixture and there is a throttle valve in the intake tube. Ignition is by trembler coil and battery, neatly positioned in a leather case. The tank has two filler openings, one for petrol and one for oil. In the tank there is a handpump for forcing the oil to the crankcase. The front brake is a rubber block that is pressed onto the tyre surface, the rear wheel is slowed down by a rim brake, which is at the moment without its rubber blocks. These are widely available though. In the early 1900s many of these machines were in use, some sold as a complete fitting into a bicycle, others as engine sets that could convert one’s bicycle into a motorized vehicle without much ado.

This unrestored and authentic Clément could do with some engine tlc and comes with Luxor acetylene head lamp, bulb horn, Brooks saddle and tyre pump.