Condor 1929 Sport combination 500 cc 1 cyl ohv



Condor 1930 500 cc OHV MAG  “Type 722 side car”  frame# 67495 engine # 1C9H8A  508054

Condor, based in Courfaivre, was together with Motosacoche  the leading motorcycle manufacturer of Switzerland..  The company started making bicycles in 1893.
Founders were Eduard and Jules Scheffer.  Responsible for the motorcycle side of the company was Otto Fricker, who became the son in law of  Eduard Scheffer.
Fricker  produced  his first motorcycle in 1901.  Condor used a number of different engines: in the beginning mainly Zedel, Motosacoche and Moser and later also Villiers.
In the later twenties and early thirties Condor was a very active competitor in races and many successes were recorded. After world war two Condor built mainly machines for the Swiss army; the 578 cc and later the 750 cc  side valve transverse twin with shaft drive were well known machines. 
This machine is equipped with Bosch lighting set  and speedometer and is in original unrestored condition. 
According to factory information this motorcycle was ordered as a combination and it left the works at December 1, 1930, at a price of  2563 Swiss Francs.