Coventry-Eagle 1937 Model N25/2 246cc 1cyl OHV 3306



Coventry-Eagle 1937 Model N25/2 “Flying 250” 246cc OHV frame # 5021 engine # 37/CG2M 502
The “Flying” range consisted of three model in the 250, 350 and 500cc class. Of all three models two versions were available, the /1 with standard downswept exhaust and the /2 with upswept exhaust. The engines were bought-in from Matchless and the 246cc Flying 250 had bore x stroke dimensions of 62.5x80mm. The four-speed foot change gearbox was supplied by Albion. As most of the components for these motorcycles were bought in from other manufacturers, they have been described as “The best Coventry Eagles ever made”! The “Flying” series was available until 1940 when all Coventry-Eagle motorcycle production ceased. This Flying 250 is a compact, well-designed machine with an attractive finish; she has a small instrument panel on the tank top with light switch and amp gauge, aluminium primary chaincase, prop stand and 85mph Smiths speedo. 6-Inch brakes are fitted and there is full electric lighting on board. She has been meticulously restored and has been in the possession of the Coventry-Eagle Marque Specialist of the Sunbeam M.C.C. from 2013 till recently. This former owner is also the author of the most comprehensive publication on the make: ”Coventry-Eagle – The History of a Motorcycle Company”. This N25/2 “Flying 250” is the only one known to exist.