D Rad 1928 R 09 500 cc 1 cyl sv



1928 D-Rad R09 497cc.

D-Rad, product of the Berlin-based Deutsche Industriewerke, was a design from egineer Christiansen. 
The machines were nicknamed “Spandauer Spring Bock” and constitute the archetype of 1920’s German motorcycle design: sturchy, strong and well-built. 
This D-Rad R09 has a 497cc (82x94mm) unit construction engine, hand-operated 3-speed gearbox and trailing link front forks with leafspring suspension. 
The slender tank shape gives the machine elegant looks, which are enhanced by the sloping engine. 
The sturdyness of the design is accentuated by the footboards and valanced mudguards. 
This rare machine has been restored some years ago and has been rallied regularly.