Douglas 1929 B29 350 cc 2 cyl sv



 Douglas 1929  “B/29”  348 cc side valve  flat twin  frame # 1700  engine # EN 1571


Douglas decides to restyle the successful EW model for the 1929 season.  
A noticeable new feature is the   sump lubrication system: the oil is contained in a finned sump  that has been bolted to the underside of  the 
It is fed under pressure to the mainshaft by a submerged  rotary vane pump. 
Other modifications include the use of a much larger silencer, black painted valve caps, new flat top pistons with three rings, heavier valve gear and the provision for sliding the engine unit in the frame to facilitate adjustment of the primary chain. 
The new model, designated  the  B/ 29, also has  a new design of saddle tank. 
The tank holds 2  ½   gallons  of petrol and the sump contains half a gallon of oil. 
The B /29 costs  £ 45 without lights: 30 shillings  extra has to be paid for  an acetylene lighting system. 
The BTH electric lighting system with “ pancake” dynamo  on this machine is a very expensive option at   £ 6 and 5 shillings extra.   
This interesting late vintage Douglas is unrestored and  original and comes complete with Cowey speedometer and steering damper.