Dresch 1930 Monobloc 500 cc 2 cyl sv



 Dresch   1930  “Monobloc” 500 cc side valve inline twin       frame & engine #2307 

Henri Dresch was involved with motorcycle production from 1923 till 1948. 
Till 1928 he was involved with the make “ le Grimpeur”  (“ the climbing bird “) and from 1928 he built machines under his own name. 
A wide variety of engines was used, from small two strokes to vertical twin and four-in-line configurations.  
The  Monobloc  was the standard motorcycle of the Parisian gendarmerie since its introduction in 1930. 
It’s an elegant motorcycle, compact and lacking in clutter, sturdy, reliable, and easy to work on. A popular civilian motorcycle as well, it was available in several colours with extensive  lining. 
The engine delivers 14 hp and the top speed is about 70 mph. 
Typical features of this model are the shaft drive, the pressed steel front forks and the unusual frame layout. 
This Dresch  has been restored and has full electric lighting.