Edmund 1922 350cc Blackburne sv 2606



Edmund  1922   “Model 3B”  348 cc Blackburne  side valve frame # 2/687  engine #  D 138

C. Edmund and Co. Crane Bank, Chester, produced motorcycles from 1911 (or perhaps earlier) to 1924. 
Charles Edmund used various types of engines in his machines, these included JAP,  MAG, Barr&Stroud, Blackburne, Green, Villiers and Fafnir.
This early postwar machine has the  348 cc Blackburne engine with bore and stroke dimensions of  71 x 88 mm, Best and Lloyd drip feed lubrication and  Burman  two speed gear. 
The Edmund’s most interesting feature probably is its unusual sprung sub frame.
The weight of the rider is supported by two long leaf springs that stretch from under the saddle to the rear carrier stays.
Short coil springs fitted to the bottom of the stays act as shock absorbers.
The top frame tube, which is pivoted at the steering head, moves vertically with the saddle and footrests are fixed to the extended saddle pillar which passes through the seat tube.
This construction is not a true spring frame but it was an improvement on a conventional saddle because the footrests are sprung in unison with the seat, and so the angle of the rider’s knees does not alter.
This rare Edmund  is in  excellent condition and is fitted with EIC magneto, Amac carburettor and Lucas bulb horn.