FN 1903 2hp 1cyl aiv 2803



FN 1903 2 HP  A.I.V. single frame # 8773

FN (Fabrique Nationale d‘Armes de Guerre) was a Belgian company established in 1889 to make arms and ammunition for hunting and warfare.
Soon it was decided that diversification of production was a good strategy to reduce the risk of peaceful times.
In the late 1800’s the production of bicycle parts was taken up; soon complete bicycles were added to the programme, followed in 1900 by motorcars.
At that time FN was already a major manufacturing firm, with premises taking up around 30 acres with 40,000 square metres of factory buildings.
By the end of 1901 the first motorized bicycle was presented, powered by a 133 cc clip-on engine. It got the nickname “little donkey”.
It was followed in 1903 by a 188cc model.
Early in 1904 the capacity was enlarged to 300 cc. From 1905 on the four cylinder was catalogued and the single was further developed as a light model.
The popularity of FN motorcycles is shown by the high sales figures: between July 1902 and July 1904 some 6,000 machines were sold.
The machine we offer here is original and unrestored and features unsprung front forks, battery-coil ignition and FN spray carburetor.
It has a flat belt drive, original exhaust system with optional hand operated cut-out valve, separate oil tank and a rear stand luggage rack combination.
This machine truly displays the characteristic patina of a well-preserved veteran.