FN 1922 285T 285cc 1 cyl ioe 2803



FN 1922 “285 T” 285 cc ioe frame # 62055

The first FN single with shaft drive came on the market at the end of 1909.
It was quite an innovative little machine with bore and stroke dimensions of 65×75 mm giving a capacity of 247 cc.
The specifications included a multiple plate clutch and a two speed gearbox. Weight of the machine was 65 kg and the fuel consumption was less than 3 litres per 100 km.
This light single became a popular seller next to the FN four cylinder model.
In 1912 the capacity was enlarged to 285 cc by enlarging the stroke to 85 mm and the frame was changed, resulting in a longer and lower machine.
When production was resumed after the war the side -by- side valve concept was changed to inlet-over- exhaust and the machine got a kick starter.
Production ended in 1922.
This technically interesting and easy to ride lightweight comes in a touched-up original condition and is equipped with a Powell& Hanmer acetylene front lamp.