FN 1939 M86 1 cyl 600cc ohv



FN  1939 “M 86    Supersport 600”  598 cc ohv single     frame#10018  engine# 9787

At the end of 1923 FN marketed a 350 cc  single cylinder ohv with unit construction engine.
This model, the M60, was the start of a successful new line of models in a period in which the heavy and expensive four cylinder was quickly loosing ground. 
Two years later a bigger 500cc brother was brought out, the M 67.  
Shortly after that four cylinder production was stopped altogether with FN. 
The ohv singles were very successful; the most charismatic was undoubtedly the M 86, which was introduced in 1934. 
In standard form the M 86 had a bore x stroke of 80 x 99 mm, giving a displacement of 497 cc. 
The unit construction engine had a bronze cylinder head and hairpin valve springs, 4 speed foot change gearbox and Bosch electrics. 
Top speed was about 130 km/hour. 
A 598  cc version with single port head was also available. 
This had bore x stroke dimensions of 85×105 mm. 
The M 86 was also made in Grand Prix  and army versions. 
This older restoration is in excellent shape.