FN 1953 M13 350cc 1 cyl sv 2810



FN 1953 “M Xlll” De Luxe 350 cc side valve single frame # 10067A engine # 3631-G

The FN model M13 ( or M XIII) was put into production in 1947.
Typical for this model was its front suspension, a unique trailing cantilever structure with pulled front wheel.
At first, the frame was a parallelogram shape with steel springs at the sides.
Later on the fork tubes followed the rounding of the mudguard, with rubber bands to control suspension movement.
The theory behind this construction is that a wheel can be more easily pulled than pushed over an obstacle.
The 1953 FN range comprised six models in 250, 350 and 450 cc capacities.
The 250 was an overhead valve model, the 350 and 450 cc versions were available in side valve and overhead valve configurations.
All models could be had with telescopic front forks or trailing cantilever suspension.
The 350 cc engine had bore x stroke dimensions of 74 x 80 mm. Rear suspension was available in the form of rubber rings under the saddle.
This De Luxe version has chromium plated tank and wheel rims and has been restored to a high standard.