FP 1910ca 2cyl AIV 3308



“FP” 1910ca A.I.V. V-twin 

We understand this remarkable machine surfaced in the 1990s on a flea market in Budapest. Its origins are unknown, but the whole machine gives the impression of having been built in the Austro-Hungarian Empire. The letters “FP” on the petrol tank probably are later additions; there was a Hungarian company of that name but Mr. Roman Frohner and Mr. András Pásztélyi did not start building motorcycles until 1925. Their production was also very modest it appears, with only a few bikes being produced that year. This “FP” might be a one-off; there is no visible evidence that can link this machine to a known make. There’s a two-speed gear in the rear hub and an external contracting band brake on the rear wheel; the spark is provided by a magneto. The right hand side of the crankcase has been strengthened on the inside and shows signs of having been repaired in the past. A purpose-made leather bag is neatly positioned behind the engine. Carburettor, brake and two-speed gear are controlled by levers on the top tube.