Gnome & Rhône 1928 D4 Super-Sport 499cc 1 cyl OHV 3302



Gnome & Rhône 1928 “D4 Super-Sport” 499cc OHV single frame & engine # 30811
The G&R factory produced more than 20,000 airplane engines during the first world war. With the end of the war the company rapidly diversified, using their factories to produce chassis and engines for the Rolland-Pilain and Piccard-Pictet cars, along with Ansaldo diesel engines, refrigerators, sewing machines and even jackhammers. In 1920 they also introduced their first motorcycle. They organized the Société Française des Moteurs ABC in Paris in 1920, to build the Granville Bradshaw designed ABC motorcycle, which they produced until 1924. From 1922 on the company embarked on its own motorcycle designs, producing single-cylinder and flat-twin machines. At the Paris Show in October 1927 two new 500cc models were presented, the side valve D3 and the OHV D4, both with external flywheels and bore x stroke dimensions of 85 x 88 mm. The D4 was the top model in the range and could reach a top speed of 130 km. Both new models looked very purposeful with their new saddle tanks and were enthousiastically received by the motorcycle fraternity. The D4 stayed in production till 1932 and was also successful in racing trim.

This older restoration comes with 3- speed hand change gearbox, Bosch magneto, Amac carb and electric lighting system with unconnected Marchal dynamo. There’s a pillion seat on board and an adjustable steering damper. She has been in the former owner’s possession for about 30 years. The engine starts willingly and runs well, but this D4 hasn’t been used on the road for quite some time and will need a good check over.