Gnome Rhone 1929 D4 500 cc 1 cyl ohv



Gnome & Rhône D4  1929 500 cc OHV  frame#508401 GR  engine# 7965

The G&R factory produced airplanes in the first world war. 
In 1919 a new line of products was found when the company started to build the Bradshaw designed flat twin ABC motorcycles under licence. From  1923 on the Paris-based factory built machines of their own design.  
Both side valve and overhead valve engines were used. In the late twenties  BMW like models with transverse mounted twins in pressed steel frames were made.
After the second world war the factory concentrated on small two strokes. P
roduction ended in 1959.
This sports model has outside flywheel and stylish pushrod cover & primary cover. 
Electricity comes from a Lucas magdyno. 
The machine has  3speed gearbox and mechanical oil pump.