Griffon 1906 ca 353cc 1 cyl sv



Griffon  1906      2 ¾ HP   353 cc    Zedel  side valve   frame # 22837  engine # 16632

Griffon is one of the oldest French makes:  it was founded as   a bicycle company and motorcycle production started in 1902. 
The factory was situated in Courbevoi, Paris and for many years this make was in the foreground  of French motorcycle manufacture. 
In the nineteen twenties Griffon was taken over by the giant firm of Peugeot. 
Note the place of the Bosch magneto, this high and dry magneto position was a typical Griffon construction detail for many years. 
Bore and stroke of the Zedel engine are 75 x 80 mm.   
The tank holds 5 litres of petrol and one litre of oil and the machine weighs a mere 55 kg.  
Unsprung front forks are standard,    at extra costs the buyer could opt for Simplex or Griffon spring forks.  
This  early veteran machine  is in original and unrestored condition.