Grindlay Peerless 1927 O2 sports 350 cc 1 cyl ohv



1927 Grindlay Peerless model O 2 sports, 350 cc OHV JAP, engine P/ I 71697

This  company, in motorcycle business from 1923 till 1934, originally was a factory for sidecars. 
Sleeve valve Barr& Stroud engines were employed, but most often used were various types of JAP and Villiers engines. 
In later years also the Rudge-built  Python four-valve engines were used; the Rudge factory was just a few hundred yards away. 
Many speed records were broken by JAP engined Grindlay_Peerless machines, and they were very successful in road races and hill climbs.

This particular model is in unrestored condition and equipped with Bosch magdyno and three speed gearbox.