Harley-Davidson 1910 Model 6A 4HP 1 cyl 494cc AIV 3312



Harley-Davidson 1910 Model 6A 4HP 494cc A.I.V. single engine # 6136

Harley-Davidson’s reputation as a manufacturer of high quality motorcycles is established by the sturdy and reliable singles that the company has marketed before the v-twins become dominant. These singles are developed from the prototypes that are built in the years prior to 1905, when series production really takes off. Improvements are made year by year and by 1910 thousands are being sold.
For 1910 the singles can be had with either 26 or 28 inch wheels and with battery and coil or magneto ignition. Among the new features for this model year are a redesigned cylinder with more and deeper cooling fins that, according to the catalogue, increases the cooling surface by 23 %. Another new feature is the Schebler carburettor, that replaces H-D’s own device. The company praises the new 1910 idler system: “The features which have placed this idler far in advance of all similar devices on motorcycles have been amply covered by patents. The principle parts of the actuating mechanism have been placed behind the pulley which protects them from injury in case of accident, as well as adding to the general attractiveness of the motorcycle. The great range of this idler mechanism gives it every advantage of a clutch, as a single movement of the lever gives the rider a free engine.” A common problem with many machines of the era is that the combined petrol and oil tank gives trouble because the soldered partition often starts leaking when the machine is exposed to bad road conditions. H-D solves this problem by using two separate thanks that are very neatly finished and give the appearance of a single tank. Drive to the rear wheel is by a flat leather belt. The machine we offer here comes with Pioneer certificate, Bosch magneto and Old Sol acetylene headlamp.