Harley Davidson 1915 11F 998cc 2 cyl ioe 2708



Harley  Davidson  1915    “11F”   989 cc IOE V-twin     engine # 2182K

The year 1915 was unique in the history of Harley-Davidson. For the first time a three speed countershaft gearbox was fitted and the  engine power output grew from 9 HP @ 2400 rpm to 11HP @ 3000 rpm. To accommodate the larger dimensions of the new adjustable valves the engineers had to cut notches in the lower edge of the fuel tank, an identifying feature displayed on the Model 11 we  offer here.
The 1915 Harley-Davidson was, thanks to the new transmission, edging towards a completely modern state of development yet this was the final year of the antique flat tank design before the introduction of  the new streamlined appearance for the 1916 model year.
The finish was still their familiar Renault Gray with broad dark gray striping and name Harley-Davidson in red with gold lining.
The 1915 catalogue proudly states:” The 1915 Harley-Davidson ushers in the new motorcycle season with an entirely new model – a  new Harley-Davidson creation – a high duty motor with speed to burn – a world of power – flexibility never before attained in any gasoline engine –  a unit three speed transmission and clutch, the very climax of ingenuity and efficiency  – and a re-designed frame strongly reinforced  to handle all the strains incidental to sidecar use.
These, with a number of important improvements like the marvelously compact automatic oil pump, the new and highly efficient muffler, make the new Harley-Davidson a stupendous value.”
This sought-after 1915 model has been restored to concourse condition.
It comes complete with Corbin speedometer, Klaxon and Prestolite acetylene lighting  system.