Harley Davidson 1919 Model J 989cc 2 cyl ioe 2908



Harley-Davidson 1919 ca Model J 989 cc IOE V-twin 

The reason for Harley-Davidson popularity?
The 1919 catalogue explains: “The selection of the best materials; adherence to the closest standards; the employment of skilled mechanics; the development of improvements and refinements mostly desired by riders; all in harmony with the ideals of the Harley-Davidson engineers, are the fundamental principles that are responsible for the world-wide popularity of the Harley-Davidson”.
This model J comes complete with Remy electric lighting and ignition system.
The Remy generator has a high efficiency and the output is automatically regulated to take care of variations of load.
A practical feature of this machine is the “Ful-Floteing Seat Post” which can be adjusted to the weight of any rider.
This sturdily built H-D is in authentic and original condition and virtually complete.
This Machine is separately supplied with a correct size 22 inch rear wheel rim, spokes, head lamp and electric horn.