Harley-Davidson 1920 989cc 2cyl IOE 3305



Harley-Davidson 1920 989 cc IOE V-twin combination engine # L20T 10118

In 1920 H-D could take an optimistic look at the future: in April the new Juneau Avenue factory building was completed; this made H-D the largest motorcycle factory in the world with 2,400 employees and established dealerships in 67 countries. There were 50,000 subscribers to “The Enthusiast” magazine. Harley-Davidsons were fast becoming famous for their power, comfort and reliability: more than 7,500 magneto-Model Fs and more than 14,000 battery-and-coil-Model Js would be delivered to customers during 1920. The engine delivered 17 HP @ approx. 3,200 rpm. The 1920 catalogue gives some excellent arguments why one should choose a Harley-Davidson: ”Enthusiastic Harley-Davidson riders have often pointed out that it actually costs less to ride a Harley-Davidson than to walk. Considering the present cost of shoes, whether one figures his time worth anything at all or not, there is little doubt but that is true. But in figuring the cost of driving a Harley-Davidson one should consider many things. For instance, is it worth something to a man to be able to reach his work on a motorcycle in 15 minutes when it takes three or four times as long by a street car, and often longer if he walks. It means he can leave home later in the morning and reach home earlier in the evening. Often it means he can have a hot meal home at noon instead of the cold lunch he has been used to.” This was written more than 100 years ago but these arguments still seem pretty strong we’d say…

The combination we offer here has magneto ignition and was sold new in Britain in 1920. She is exceptionally well equipped. The graceful sidecar was manufactured by Atkinson’s of Shepherd’s Bush, London and at some time in her life the combination has been sensibly updated with a braked front hub. She comes with Stewart speedometer, pillion seat, Powell & Hanmer acetylene lighting, hand claxon, Lucas bulb horn, extra tool box on tank top with spare plugs holder, rear view mirror and Riemann search light. This impressive combination spent a number of years in Italy and a previous owner fitted a period Italian taximeter.