Harley-Davidson 1920 FS 989cc 2 cyl ioe 2907



Harley-Davidson 1920 Model “FS” 989 cc IOE V-twin combination engine # 20 T 11803

In April 1920 the new Juneau Avenue factory building was completed; this made H-D the largest motorcycle factory in the world with 2,400 employees and established dealerships in 67 countries. There were 50,000 subscribers to The Enthusiast.
Harley-Davidsons were fast becoming famous for their power, comfort and reliability: more than 7,500 Model Fs and more than 14,000 Model Js would be delivered to customers during 1920. The “FS” designation was given to machines with sidecar gearing.
This nice combination has been restored and spent most of its life in Sweden.
It is fitted with tank top mounted Klaxon horn and acetylene lighting system with “Old Sol” headlamp which is fed by a refillable gas tank.
The engine has been overhauled but the front forks need some attention.