Harley-Davidson 1924 1200 cc 2 cyl IOE 3210



Harley-Davidson 1924 1200cc IOE V-twin model “FE” engine # 24FE10541

1924 was not the best year for the firm: the losses amounted to almost $ 120,000 and the workforce was trimmed down from 2500 to 1000 employees. Sales in the USA has seriously diminished in the early twenties because of the competition of the cheap automobile. A positive thing was that export sales were still looking good. More than 6000 machines were exported oversees this year; this amounts to almost half of all Harleys manufactured. The sturdy “J” (electric) and “F” (magneto) models had been developed and improved year after year. Their massive construction and simple and easily maintained engines fitted with rugged clutches and gearboxes were excellently suited to the stern demands of colonial service over bad roads. New features for 1924 were a box-shaped silencer and the installation of Alemite grease fittings. With every new motorcycle an Alemite grease gun and a can of grease was supplied. The “FE” designation means the machine has been fitted with aluminium pistons. This good-looking and good-running magneto model has a skilfully applied “authentic” finish.