Harley Davidson 1927 Model 27JD 1200 cc 2 cyl ioe combination



Harley-Davidson 1927 model JD   1200 cc IOE  combination  frame # 2711                         engine  #27 JD 5163


Harley-Davidson  used the OHV inlet, side valve exhaust concept  till 1930, when the company  chose the full side valve engine concept.  
For 1927, no more than 3561   1000cc  model J machines were sold; the 1200 cc JD was much more in demand with  9691 units leaving the factory.
Not surprisingly perhaps, as  the price difference between these models  was a mere  $10.
1927 was the first year  of the “wasted spark”  distributorless ignition system using a circuit breaker and a single coil firing both spark plugs at once. 
This well-restored combination comes complete with Johns-Manville  speedometer.