Harley-Davidson 1928 JD 1212 cc 2 cyl IOE 3301



Harley-Davidson 1928 “JD” 1212 cc IOE V-twin engine # 28JD4046

For 1928, about 4300 model J machines were sold; the 1212 cc JD was much more in demand with more than 11,000 units leaving the factory. Not surprisingly perhaps, as the price difference between these models was a mere $10. Both models could be had with magneto ignition and no electric lighting as F or FD, but by 1928 electric lighting was seen as standard equipment on a HD; in that year only 141 Fs and 131 FDs found customers.
1928 was the first year of the internal expanding front brake which was a practical innovation indeed. Some more new developments for model year 1928 were the addition of an air cleaner, larger size wheel spokes and a larger size oil pump connected to the throttle. This gave increased oil supply as the speed increased, but at the cost of occasional over-lubrication and consequent spark plug fouling, for example on long hills (Source: “Harley Davidson, all the Motorcycles 1903-1983” by Matthias Gerst).
This attractively-coloured early 1928 JD is an older restoration. She comes with 120km Johns-Manville speedometer and gracious and practical “STOP” light.