Harley Davidson 1962 Duo Glide 1200 cc 2 cyl ohv



Harley Davidson 1962  Engine # 62FLH5323

The Harley Davidson FL continued relatively unchanged until 1948, when the FL and the EL were given redesigned "Panhead" engines.
These engines had several improvements over the earlier "Knuckleheads", including aluminium cylinder heads to reduce weight and
improve cooling and self-adjusting hydraulic lifters.
In 1949, a year after receiving the "Panhead" engine, the FL was given a new front suspension and a model name to go along with it.
In honor of their first production motorcycle with hydraulically-damped telescopic forks, the FL was officially called the  Hydra-Glide.
This name would change twice in the history of the basic large-framed FL bikes, each time signalling an improvement in the bike’s technology.
In 1952, the Hydra-Glide’s transmission was reversed from hand-shift/foot-clutch to foot-shift/hand-clutch, although the original format continued to be offered as an option until 1978.
A more highly-tuned engine with high-compression heads, higher-lift cams, and polished ports, was offered with the FLH version
of 1955. The FLH designation has continued up to the present.
The FL model was given a new frame in 1958. 
This frame included a rear swingarm suspended by a pair of coil-over-shock  suspension units.
In honour of this fully-suspended chassis, the FL’s model name was changed from Hydra-Glide to Duo-Glide.
Unlike OHV configuration, aluminium heads, and telescopic-fork front suspension, however, this improvement in technology was
applied to the small-frame bikes first, the K-series having received rear suspension in 1952.
The third and final change given to the name of the basic FL model would occur in 1965, the final year of the "Panhead" engines.
This 1962 Panhead Duo-Glide features an older restoration and is still ready for lots of trouble-free miles. It comes complete with sidebags and a (not fitted) wind screen.

She had just one owner for the last 35 years.