Helyett ca 1926 175 cc 1 cyl ts



 Helyett   ca.   1926    “ 2 HP”   ca. 175 cc    two stroke

Les Ateliers Helyett produced bicycles and motorcycles from 1926 to 1955 in the French town of Sully sur Loire.  
In prewar years many types of proprietary  engines were employed, ranging from 98 cc two strokes and   Chaise  OHV singles to 998 cc JAP V-twins.  
After world war two only light two stroke engines were built in. 
This early model is  a true barn find in unrestored condition. 
It is equipped with a two stroke engine with SAFI flywheel magneto and Longuemare carburetor. 
The little machine is remarkably complete and the petrol tank still has its original enamel and transfers. 
The rear wheel is driven directly from  the crankshaft by belt and pulleys