Hirondelle 1914 Legere 332cc 1 cyl sv



Hirondelle  1914 model “Legère”  332 cc side valve  single frame&engine # 2027

Hirondelle machines were made by the “ Manufacture Francaise d’Armes et Cycles de Saint-Etienne”. 
That explains the MF  logo on the timing cover.
The Hirondelle ( “Swallow”, pointing to a light, swift and agile machine! ) was related to the Deronziere machines that were made in Lyon from 1907 till 1920. 
Typical feature is the belt adjusting system that can be operated by the left handlebar grip. 
Ignition by  a very trustworthy Bosch magneto. 
Direct belt drive to the rear wheel, as was customary with many machines at that time.
This machine is in good but  unrestored condition.