Honda 1964 Benly C92 124cc 2cyl OHC 3310



Honda 1964 “Benly” C92 124 cc OHC twin frame # 92-1002917 engine # C92E-1002935

At its introduction in 1959 this sporty little 125 was surely a revelation to a European market used to traditional British machinery. The machine was made in two versions, the standard C92 and the sporty CB 92 Super Sport. There were quite a number of differences between these versions. The standard version had lavish mudguarding and a differently styled petrol tank that held nine litres, while the “hammerhead” style tank had a capacity of 10.5 litres. The different tyre sizes also contributed to the models’ different looks: The CD had smaller wheels with 3 x 16 tyres.
The C92 had a compression ratio of 8.6:1 and delivered 11.5 hp @ 9,500 rpm, while the Super Sport CB92 engine delivered 15 hp @ 10.500 rpm with a ratio of 10:1. Top speed of the C92 was 115 kph, the CB92 was 15 km faster. The C92 put 127 kg on the scales, the CB was 17 kg lighter. The C-92 was available in red, black or blue. The same colours could be had with the CB, but with this model the petrol tank and side shields were finished in silver. This Benly comes with rear view mirrors and has been restored. She was part of a static Honda collection for a longer period, so recommissioning will be advisable.