Honda 1964ca CA78 Dream 305cc 2cyl OHC 3310



Honda 1964ca CA78 “Dream” 305 cc OHC twin frame # CA78-1008329 engine # CA77E-1006378
Soichiro Honda will go down in history as the man who truly changed the face of motorcycling forever. Honda founded his enterprise in 1947, using war-surplus Tohatsu generator motors clipped to bicycles. After his supply of engines dried up, he designed his own 50cc two-stroke clip-on motor, the first Honda Cub. Sales boomed, but Honda wanted more, and in 1954 he made the unheard-of plan of visiting Europe and learning as much as he could, directly from the best motorcycle factories in the world. He met with Triumph’s Edward Turner, who was impressed by Honda, but could not see beyond his own legendary ego that the man before him would, within 15 years, come to ruin his home industry!
The ”Dream” twin series were produced under various model codes from 1960 till 1969. They were the first larger-capacity motorcycles that Honda mass-exported. They were very well equipped with 12 volt electrics, electric starters and other advanced features that were not common to most other motorcycles in the sixties. Moreover, they were well-engineered, dependable and very economical with fuel. Later versions of the Dream were equipped with a 305 cc engine that had an output of 23 hp @7,500 rpm. The high-rise handlebars were specifically used on the American market. The engine had bore x stroke dimensions of 60 x 54 mm and a compression ratio of 8.2:1, which gave a top speed of about 140 kph. Dry weight was about 170 kg and tyre size was 3.25 x 16.
The machine we offer is in original, unrestored condition. The engine is running, but she had a long rest and will benefit from a good check-over. This CA78 Dream model possesses an unmistakable style of its own and is now one of the most desirable of the early Japanese classics.