Honda 1967ca CD125 124cc 2cyl OHC 3311



Honda 1967ca CD125 124cc OHC twin frame # CD125-1119383 engine # CD125E-1119802

This was the first Honda 125 to use the new lightweight side cam-chain drive engine, the replacement for the C92 type unit. Launched in Japan in 1966 as a fairly soft commuter with 12.5 hp @ 10,000 rpm, this was to be the for runner of the CB125SS,The SS125 and the 125 K series sports bikes. She was a handsome machine , and quite rare outside of Japan. In 1969 an ‘improved’ single seat model with heavy duty luggage rack was introduced, still with the ‘sloper’ engine and electric start, for Home market models. A quote from the 1967 brochure: “Delightful touring at safe speeds or quick trips about town are promised by the inexpensive Honda CD-125A. It’s so safe and simple to ride that even beginners have no difficulty at all. Durability is built in by Honda along with a heavy emphasis on safety. The extremely light weight of only 98 kg, 15 to 20 kg under other 125 cc bikes, makes this Honda particularly easy to handle with perfect safety.

This nice lightweight Honda comes in original, unrestored condition and will need recommissioning before being used on the road.