Honda 1969ca SS125 Super Sport 124cc 2cyl OHC 3311



Honda 1969ca SS125 “Super Sport” 124cc OHC twin frame # SS 125 A -110488 engine # SS 125AE -110522

The SS125 was launched in 1967 and its production stopped in 1969. The new model was based on the Japan-only CS125: essentially the SS was a CS125 with slimmer sports mudguards. Its 124cc OHC twin engine with bore x stroke of 44x41mm delivered 13hp @10,000rpm and there was a four speed gearbox on board. The SS125A had 17 inch wheels; the front rim was either 1.4 inches or 1.6 inches wide while the rear rim was 1.6 inches wide. Both front and rear brakes were single-leading internal expanding drums. The little twin was a sales success in many countries with its lightweight ‘sloper’ engine, elegant race style mudguards, and light weight of just above 100kg. The good looks, enhanced by the pressed steel frame and the brisk engine performance were strong sales points, as were the candy blue/silver, candy red/silver and black/silver colour schemes. This elegant little Honda in the candy blue/silver colour combination is in original, unrestored condition and will benefit from a good check over before usage on the road.