Humber 1915 6hp 745cc 2 cyl sv 3107



Humber 1915ca. “6HP” 745cc water cooled flat twin frame # H 3861 engine # 3677

A Coventry firm with its roots in the Victorian bicycle industry, Humber begins experimenting with powered transport in the closing years of the 19th century, introducing its first successful motorcycle – a built-under-license P&M – in 1902 and the first all-Humber design in 1908.
A 500cc side valve, this new 3 HP model carries its engine in the conventional position and features belt drive to a two-speed rear hub.
V-twin and flat twin models follow and in 1915 a new water-cooled 6HP flat twin is introduced, with bore x stroke of 78 x 78 mm.
The new 6 HP twin is intended as a sidecar machine and it is the first Humber with a countershaft gearbox.
It has three speeds and two neutral positions and is of Humber’s own design and manufacture.
The big flat twin engine has valves and seats in detachable housings, CAV magneto and Zenith carburettor.
Lubrication is by Best and Lloyd drip feed, the clutch is a foot-and-hand-operated multiple plate device.
Both primary and secondary chains run in oil bath chain cases and the external flywheel weighs about 10kg.
The 6HP model is listed in the catalogue up to 1918 but due to the restrictions in motorcycle sales during the war not many will have been sold.
This is confirmed by the information in the Humber Register: only five 6HP machines are recorded.
The original CT registration on this machine refers to Lincolnshire in Britain but in the course of its life the machine has travelled across the ocean to the USA.
There it slumbered for a number of years in a private Pennsylvanian collection.
We think part of the machine is still in its original paintwork and it is quite complete, even to the original hand crank starter in its original leather case.
A Lucas acetylene lighting system is provided and we offer the machine in its present state, so some recommissioning will be required.