Husqvarna 1927 model 180 550cc 2 cyl sv



Husqvarna   ca. 1927   model 180    546 cc side valve V-twin   frame 211307 engine 2442

Husqvarna started producing motorcycles as early as 1903. In the beginning FN engines were used, around 1909 this was changed to Moto-Rêve. 
In the early twenties two models were introduced with their own side valve V-twin engine, of 992 cc and  546 cc capacity, the latter labelled  model 180. 
At the time American V-twins were very popular sellers in Sweden, so it is no coincidence that the general layout of the model 180 bears a certain resemblance to the famous Indian Scout of the period; the carburettor fitted is an American Schebler, quite rarely seen on a European motorcycle.  
This Model 180 is a quality Swedish product, producing some 14 BHP @4000 RPM. Bosch electric lighting is fitted.
This rare Husqvarna is in good restored condition.