Husqvarna Moto Reve 1916 Model 75A 500cc 2 cyl ioe



Husqvarna  1916   Model 75 A   550cc  ioe  V- twin Moto Rêve   frame# 144601  engine # 15198

The company began producing motorcycles at Huskvarna, Sweden, as a branch of the Husqvarna armament firm which had supplied the Swedish army with rifles since 1689. Husqvarna manufactured motorcycles from 1903 to 1987. The operation was then sold to Cagiva of Italy, which was part of MV Agusta Motorcycles  In 2007, BMW acquired the motorcycle operation from MV Agusta and Husqvarna Motorcycles are today manufactured under license by the BMW Group.

At first  Belgian FN engines were used,  from 1910   Husqvarnas  were equipped  with  Moto-Rêve engines but they were real Swedish bikes: from the first Husqvarna/Moto-Rêve motorcycle a Husqvarna frame was used. 
Husqvarna had a long tradition producing bicycles and made the frames themselves. At  first glance both  frames look the same,  but Swedish frames are 25mm longer and the tubes are thicker. In Switzerland external lugs were used to connect the tubes, Swedish frames have internal lugs and  look more elegant.  
The cooperation between Husqvarna and Moto-Rêve ended in 1918. 
Only 48 bikes were sold in that year. Husqvarna started their own engine production in 1919 with the model 150. 
This model 75A was built by the end of 1916 and already has the new 550 cc engine.  
It was delivered on January 4, 1917 to Husqvarna General Depot in Stockholm and then sold off to Nässjö. 
Probably less than 300 machines of this type were made between 1914 and 1917. 
It is equipped with Bosch magneto, aluminium footboards, two speed gearbox and belt secondary drive. 
This rare bike is a nice optically restored machine .