Indian 1912 4 hp single 500 cc 1 cyl ioe



Indian 1912     500 cc   “ 4 HP”   IOE  single  engine # 47 DO 80

In the 1912 catalogue we read : “ It is a very costly process to keep a motorcycle fully up to date, as it means frequent modifications of details, necessitating new patterns, new tools and new machinery. 
Most manufacturers are satisfied if they make some slight change, which will constitute  a  “talking point”  once in three or four years, but the machines are not changed in any essential feature. 
The Hendee Manufacturing Company, on the contrary, is constantly studying possibilities for real improvements, and adopting these as fast as they prove their worth. 
In following up this custom the Indian Motocycle has always be kept so fully up-to-date  that there are no radical changes in the appearance of the regular models for 1912, neither have any meaningless attachments been tacked on for the purpose of sensational advertising. 
In details, however, there are very many points where advantage has been taken of opportunities to make it a better  machine, and give riders the benefit of every possible refinement.” 
One of the refinements was the fitting of the new 1912 waterproof Bosch magneto,  in the catalogue referred to as “ armored magneto”.  Some other features of this  unrestored gem are: mechanically operated oil pump, free engine clutch and Corbin-Indian Coaster band brake.