Indian 1916 PowerPlus 998cc 2cyl sv 3404



Indian 1916 PowerPlus 998 cc side valve V-twin engine # 79 H 865

In the spring of 1915 Indian’s top management decides that the Hedstrom-type of engine has by now undergone its maximum economical development. It’s a relatively expensive engine to manufacture and the company is under pressure to cut production costs. Another point of consideration is that the latest models of competitors Excelsior and Harley-Davidson have shown a higher power development. Chief designer Charles Gustafson is of the opinion that a well-designed, robust and reliable side valve engine can be the solution: it will deliver more power and will be more economical to produce. Various prototypes are tested and for the 1916 model year the new Indian PowerPlus is presented. The engine is built with the same crankcase dimensions as the last Hedstrom type, so that it can be fitted to the current frames and engine plates without major changes in the standard big twin models. The only other modification is the fitting of a slightly improved three-speed gearbox and a heavier clutch. The PowerPlus is an immediate success and nowadays this model is one of the most coveted American vintage motorcycles. That goes especially for the first-year PowerPlus, still equipped with the old-style one-piece petrol tank and controls with rods, bell cranks and universal joints.

This authentic and unrestored machine is fitted with new rims, spokes and tyres for safe riding. She was bought by the former owner at the Davenport Swap Meet in Iowa, USA in 2004 and subsequently shipped to Europe. After 20 years of enjoying the sight of this vintage machine, the owner has decided it’s time to transfer this iconic piece of motorcycle history to another custodian.