Indian 1928 Scout Series 101 750cc 2 cyl sv 3402



Indian 1928 Scout “Series 101” 750 cc side valve V-twin frame & engine # DGP1284

“Anytime that a list is compiled of the world’s best ever motorcycle models, be it for a magazine article, or a book, or in a late night conversation around a rally campfire, The Indian Scout Series 101 will almost certainly make it into the Top Twenty, and at times even in the Top Ten. It is consistently placed alongside the likes of the Honda CB750, Triumph Bonneville, BSA Gold Star, Vincent Black Shadow, Brough Superior SS100, “Trusty” 3½ hp Triumph, Ariel Square Four, 1938-40 Indian Four, Honda 50 Step thru, and HD EL Knucklehead, when motorcycles are called to mind as being the most influential, most fondly remembered or most “classic”.(….) Not bad for a motorcycle that was only made for three and a half years. (…) In 1928 Charles Franklin took Indian’s ‘best ever’ production engine and dropped it into Indian’s best ever frame and running gear. The result is one of the best balances of speed, handling, power, weight, stability and agility ever to have been wrapped into a single motorcycle package.” (from: Franklin’s Indians)

Contributing to the bike’s amazing stability are a 6 cm longer wheelbase, a ca. 5 cm lower saddle position and a different fork rake and trail, as compared to the earlier models. Another factor is that the powerplant has moved some 7.5 centimetres forward. The more graceful upper frame tube and “teardrop” petrol tank give the new model a sleek appearance and this also contributes to the enthusiastic reception the new model gets with the motorcycle fraternity.
The 101 we present here is a road-registered (German registration) matured restoration that was sold new in Germany, as witnessed by the brass plate of official Indian dealer Albert Schuster from Chemnitz that is attached to the toolbox.
She is fitted with Corbin 130 km speedo, Bosch headlight with incorporated switch, side stand and Hella search light with integrated rear view mirror. (video available on request)