Indian 1938 438 1265cc 4 cyl ioe



Indian 1938 model 438   1265 cc inline IOE four  Engine # DCH6243 

Early in 1927 Indian bought the entire assets of the famous ACE motorcycle corporation. 
Indian proceeded to manufacture the Indian –ACE until 1928 when the Indian Four took its place. 
The 1265 cc engine has overhead inlet valves and side exhaust valves and delivered in the late twenties form around  30 HP. About ten years later this had grown to about 40 HP and tuned examples were known to put out some 50 HP! But with output also the weight grew: a 1929  4 would weigh about 455 lb, a 1941 model  weighs 568 lb. For the model year 1938 a new engine was presented.  
The cylinders were cast in pairs, the  heads were made of aluminum instead of cast iron and they were removable. 
The cooling fin area was greatly increased  and  a newly designed inlet manifold gave extra  power. 
The valve mechanism was fully enclosed and automatically lubricated. 
This new engine could be run at a consistent speed of 100 mph, yet could be throttled down to walking speed in top gear. 
The styling of the 1938 models  was  also highly improved by the fitting of a tank-top instrument panel. 
This, together with the graceful mudguards and wide range of colour choices made the 1938 Four the most handsome Indian Four model in its 11- year history.
The 500x 16 Coker tyres on this beautiful Four are an optional extra: many riders fitted these tyres instead of the standard 450 x 18 because the former gave a much softer ride.