Indian 1940 Chief 1200cc 2 cyl sv 2811



Indian 1940 Model 340 Chief 1204 cc side valve v-twin engine # CDO 738

For model year 1940 the Indian company had thoroughly restyled their range in order to attract more customers.
Streamlining was all the vogue and Indian proudly boasted that they were leaders in this respect. Notable features of the new models were the skirted fenders and the spring frame for the Four and the Big Chief.
These skirted-fender models are quite popular nowadays but at the time of their introduction not all Indian enthusiasts were positive: the 1940 Chief was about 40 kg heavier than its 1939 predecessor.
Apart from fenders and rear springing there were more novelties: new cushioned saddle, lower saddle positions new tire size, new deep finned high compression aluminium heads and cylinders and new chrome air cleaner.
Available colours for 1940 were Jade Green, Kashan Green, Seafoam Blue, Indian Red, Fallon Brown and black.
This mighty 340 has been restored some time ago and is in excellent shape.