Lurquin Coudert 1907 250 cc 1 cyl aiv



Lurquin-Coudert  ca 1907    2HP   ca. 250 cc AIV    engine#2868

Founded in 1899, Lurquin-Coudert was one of the true pioneers of the French motorcycle industry. 
The make was at the forefront of racing events on bicycle tracks for a number of years, Mr. Coudert being one of the most well-known riders. In 1906 a V-twin with coil spring rear suspension was offered. 
From that year on the L.-C. engines were also used in other makes such as Olympia and Gloria. 
Production ended around 1914.
The model we offer is one of the light models in the range, a 2HP of ca. 250 cc. 
It is equipped with the optional magneto ignition that was available for an extra 125 Francs; the front suspension wasn’t included either, that cost another 25 Francs. 
Price of standard machine was 660 Francs. 
Fuel consumption is about 3 litres per 100 kilometres and the machine weighs some 45 kilos. 
This is a charming veteran in good original condition.