Matchless 1909 6hp 770cc 2 cyl sv 2611



Matchless  ca  1909   6 HP     770cc  JAP  side valve V-twin  combination   engine #  6273

The first Matchless motorcycle was made by the Collier brothers in 1899. 
Manx TT  and  other competition results were very good  for  Charlie and  Harry Collier  and this gave a boost to the popularity of the  make.
In the veteran period  JAP single and V-twin engines were used and the 6 HP twin was eminently suited for sidecar use.
The combination spent most of its life in Australia, where it was discovered in the sixties and subsequently restored.
At some point in time, most likely before WW1,  a  3-speed Sturmey Archer hub gear was fitted and this makes the machine very rideable compared to the original  clutchless direct drive system.  Magneto is Bosch, carburettor Brown & Barlow, saddle Lycett “La Grande” and tyres Dunlop 26 x 2 1/2 . 
The combination features nice  and practical period  accessories such  as Miller front lamp and generator, P & H rear light, bulb  horn, rear view mirror  and Jones speedometer.
The light and comfortable wickerwork sidecar  comes complete with tonneau cover