Matchless 1912 model 7 770 cc 2 cyl sv



Matchless 1912 model 7 770cc side valve V-twin & Milford castor action sidecar chassis with wickerwork body      frame A823   engine  16365 

The first Matchless motorcycle was made by the Collier brothers in 1899. 
In 1907 the Isle of man TT races in the single cylinder class were won: after a second place in 1908 victories were gained again  in 1909 and 1910, proving that the machines were matchless indeed.
This 1912 combination bristles with interesting features; note the enclosed-spring front suspension and  the robust Matchless-JAP  V-twin with dual  belt drive to the rear wheel ( a unique feature to prevent belt breakage due to the high torque of the big twin).
The huge lever on the nearside of the tank controls the two-speed hub gear in the rear wheel. Inside the hub is an internal expanding brake with  bronze brake shoes.
The sidecar wheel is a castor-action wheel, but for the less experienced sidecar rider the good news is that it can be secured in a fixed position.
This Matchless is an outstanding example of veteran motorcycle technology; the machine is a concourse restoration.