Matchless 1939 3GL 350cc 1 cyl ohv



Matchless 1939  type G3L    347 cc  OHV  frame# 11841184  engine #57416

In 1936 the G3 (350) and G80 (500) models were brought out, sharing the same cycle parts and many engine parts. 
The G3 with bore and stroke dimensions of 69×93 mm produces 16 BHP @ 5200 rpm and can be considered as a sturdy and sporty machine. 
Soon the range was broadened with “clubman” specifications – mainly for use in reliability trials and scrambles – the G3C “ Clubman Special” and the G4 “Super Clubman”.  
The latter  had a pepped up engine, high exhaust pipe and shallow section chromium plated mudguards. 
This G3 model has been rebuilt to G4 specifications.