Matchless 1939 G90 500cc 1 cyl ohv



Matchless 1939 type G90 “Super Clubman” 498 cc OHV frame# 654 engine #39/G90 667

In the 1936 model range two distinct groups of single-cylinder models were introduced, the “Clubman” range for the sportsmen and the “Tourist” range for the less hurried enthusiasts.
There were no less than four 500cc Clubman models, all with twin port engine and hairpin valve springs.
The fastest model was the “Super Clubman”: it had a specially tuned engine with high compression piston, 14 mm spark plug and specially polished components such as flywheels, conrods and ports.
The compression ratio was 7.5:1 and the top speed was 90 mph.
Note the complete dashboard on this machine with ammeter, inspection light, light switch and clock.