Matchless 1955 G45 Rep



Ca 1955 Matchless G45 500cc Replica Racing Motorcycle.

Introduced during the 1950s, the Matchless G45 gave the private entrant an opportunity to be involved in motorcycle Grand Prix events. 
In post-war racing the 350 7R AJS became one of the most popular of mounts for the aspiring TT rider. 
For those who wished to graduate to the 500cc category, the option was generally restricted to the Manx Norton or for the more adventurous, perhaps the Grand Prix Triumph. 
With the release of the G45 Matchless to the private owner in 1953, the racing fraternity saw it as a worthy competitor to the trusty Norton. 
Its engine was a derivative of the G9 roadster; suitably pepped-up. 
With such a pedigree for good-handling and reliability, it seemed to be the basis for a thoroughbred racer.
The G45 first appeared as a prototype at the 1951 Manx Grand Prix, where it was taken to a worthy 4th place behind three Nortons. 
The bike’s first conspicuous victory was the 1952 Senior Manx Grand Prix. 
Soon the G45 began appearing at the Isle of Man and at mainland events, and by all accounts its performance was on a par with a standard Manx Norton. 
At the 1953 Senior TT, eleven G45s went for the start and four reached the finish line. 
The following year brought a similar scenario, with 10 finishers from 14 starters. 
In 1955 Matchless fielded an official works team for the Senior TT; with Derek Ennett registering the best-ever G45 result with his 6th place. Total production only ran to 75 examples; and in 1959 it was superseded by the 7R’s bigger brother, the Matchless G50.
This Replica Matchles G45 was extensively and successfully  raced in historic races and is built to win and to last. 
She revs up to 10000 rpm without any problems and is very fast.
Technical information:
Norris G45 balanced steel cranckshaft.
Standard size bearings for big-ends and center bearing.
Carillo steel connecting rods.
Aluminium cylinders standard size.
Forged Mahle pistons G45 Nikasil coated.
Special machined cylinder heads.
AMAL 930 Concentric carbs.
Lucas competition magneto.
SS camshafts
Oil filter in return line.
Improved oiling system for rockers.
Chrome hardened and machined rocker shafts.
AMC close-ratio 4-speed gearbox.
Newby dry clutch with primairy belt drive.
Improved, light clutch action.
Oiltap between oil line.
Rev counter and oil pressure gauge.
Improved and converted Norton featherbed frame.
WP rear shocks.
WP front shocks.
Front fork stabilizer.
4 liter oil tank.
Aluminium Manx fuel tank with fuel partition.
Front wheel 19 Inch with Grimeca 4 leading shoe brakes.
Rear wheel Triumph conical hub.
Akront rims with SS spokes.