Moto-Rêve 1913 Model D 3HP 340cc 2cyl OHV 3312



Moto-Rêve 1913 “Model D” 3 HP 340 cc Overhead valve V-twin frame # 25691 engine #11897

The Moto-Rêve (“Dream Motorcycle“) was made in Geneva, Switzerland, and had many features in common with its main competitor in that city, Motosacoche. The first model was presented to the public in May 1906. Within a few years the finely engineered little twin became well known in many European countries; there was even a representative in Australia. At the London Stanley Show in November 1907 a Moto Rêve engined machine was displayed at the Norton stand under the name “Energette “. Moto-Rêve also built single cylinder models and the first OHV V-twin was presented in 1912. The twin was available in two versions, the Model D with 53 x 77 mm engine giving 340 cc and the Model E with 63 x 80 mm engine giving 499 cc. The Model D weighs only 47 kg and the factory claims a top speed of no less than 85 km. Pre-WW 1 not many companies brought out overhead valve models and survivors are much sought after. This charming OHV veteran still has its original finish and is nearly complete. The handlebars are refabricated and we’re advised the engine internals are in good condition. Main missing parts are exhaust system and  front brake .
Accessories include SEM acetylene headlight and tyre pump.