Moto Reve1909 twin 314 cc 2 cyl aiv



Moto Rêve  1909  314 cc  automatic inlet valve  V-twin   frame # 901  engine #6503

The Moto Rêve (“dream motorcycle“) was made in Geneva, Switzerland, and had  many features in common with its main competitor in that city, Motosacoche.  
The first model was presented to the public in May 1906. 
Within a few years the finely engineered little twin became well known in many European countries; there was even a representative in Australia. 
At the London Stanley Show in November 1907 a Moto Rêve engined machine was displayed at the Norton stand under the name “Energette”.  
Soon a British company started to mount Swiss engines into British rolling chassis,  to overcome the problems that had arisen with Bowden  patents. 
The Moto Rêves were equipped with Bowden wires that were not protected by patents in Switzerland.  
There were a number of differences between the Swiss and English models, for example the frames were different. 
Motor Rêve built ohv singles and V twins already before the great war. 
After 1914 not much was heard of the firm, although it existed into the 1920s.
This early model  is an older restoration.