MZ 1959 ES175 175cc 1 cyl ts 2610



MZ was a German motorcycle manufacturer located in Zschopau, Saxony, Germany.
In 1956 the works is called VEB Motorradwerk Zschopau, or MZ .
The Zschopau works was one of the older motorcycle factories in the world, producing motorcycles since 1922.
They were among the first companies to develop the two-stroke engine for motorcycles and were the leader in two-stroke development world wide.
The best known models from Zschopau were the two-stroke 125/150 and 250 series, with the variants ES, ETS, TS and ETZ.
In the 1950s, MZ was the world leader in two-stroke engines.
The ES 175 was scheduled at the same time with the ES 250 twinport on December 1, 1956.
The 175-CC variant differed in the building only marginally from the ES 250.
The side trim was smaller, no panniers were mounted and the rear fender was changed in its form. For purposes of capacity adjustment, cylinder, piston and cylinder head were changed.
The high degree of standardization enabled an efficient production with large numbers.
In 1957 a revision took place, covering engine, frame, air filtration system, crank shaft, struts and various small parts.
In 1959 performance was increased slightly from 7.4 to 8.1  kW by changing the cylinder liner, also even more elastic, voluminous shock absorber were installed.
The MZ ES 175 was known as a sturdy and reliable motorcycle.
This MZ ES 175 is presented in complete, near original conidition including the first factory paint.
She runs well and is a pleasure to ride and enjoy.
Some technical data:
Single cylinder, 2-stroke
Displacement (cm³) 172
Power 8,1KW @ 5000rpm
Maximum speed (km/h) 95-100
4-speed transmission
Weight (kg) 140