Norton 1933 Model 18 500 cc 1 cyl ohv



Norton 1933  Model  18   490 cc   OHV  single   frame # 48379  engine # 54781


In 1921 Norton Motors moved into  new premises in Bracebridge Street, Birmingham.
The model range consisted of two simple, sturdy and beautifully finished  side valve three speeders, the 490 cc  model 16/17   and  the 633 cc  “Big 4”, and three direct belt drivers, very fast but rather outdated now and really only of interest to the real speed enthusiast.
In 1923 the first OHV model Norton was brought out, the 490 cc  Model 18.
By 1933  there were OHV models in capacities of 348,  490 and 596 cc.
Most popular was the 490 cc class, with bore and stroke dimensions just as they were in 1911, 79x100mm. With these models the pushrods and overhead rocker gear are enclosed, but the valve springs are nice out in the open. 
The OHV model ES2 has the springs enclosed, hence Enclosed Springs 2.
 This fast touring machine  has the optional 4 speed foot gear change.  The machine is in restored condition.